Capsul Dallas

Capsul Dallas returns for their 5th edition with full 3 day of camping

Capsul: Destination Unknown Campout

Fernando Pineda

It would be impossible to talk about the independent and emerging electronic scene in the city of Dallas in a single note, so many crews that have passed through the streets, clubs and underground places, secret parties and the mystical atmosphere that is generated on weekend nights. Where hundreds of people gather with the sole purpose of discovering new rhythms with which they manage to forget the routine life that the overwhelming ones on working days are few who have continued to be active and who have set a trend such as Capsul.

Capsul collective of the city of Dallas that has its origins since 2009 formed by some leaders of a collective called SoundsLike has been in charge of bringing that independent scene, those epic nights in unusual places to expose hidden and international talents in unique parties, where the experience that can be lived makes us feel that electronic music has and will continue to be for those lonely souls who seek to let off steam through music on a night full of mysticism where only those who enjoy good musical taste will be welcome to be part of the experience that Capsul manages to create through its diverse and talented lineups.

Thus, on this fifth anniversary, they dress in long tablecloths and take us to a 3-day camp on the outskirts of the city of Dallas, where they will make us vibrate again and will remind us why raves and music should be continue as in its beginning, 3 days that will be joyful for each of the attendees to celebrate together with artists such as Dj Three, Doc Martin, Fur Coat Halo Varga, Josh Wink, Rebolledo Solar & Mozhgan and Tara Brooks, lineup that is left over say how unique and well curated this poster is after so many years in the waters of electronic music, plus we can enjoy the talent of Capsul’s house with DJs like Myles Francis, Brian Busch, Josh Kynd Malhiot, Morgan Moore , Zeb, Shams and Brice Alexander.

However, Capsul is surrounded by many friends who have accompanied them through these years and who will make them part of this celebration. Within these 3 days, Debbie Does Disco will join the ranks to support with their talent, being one of the best current groups in the city of Dallas that dates its origins to 2012. Debbie Does Disco will join forces with us to make the experience even more incredible by exposing the extensive musical knowledge they have with more than 12,000 vinyl records that they have collected through more than 20 years. All this music is powered by a Klipsch Audiophile sound system. Those in charge of making the lands of the Apache Event Center vibrate will be DJs like Daniel Allen, John Baugh and A-Dub. Debbie Does Disco has the idea to reposition Dallas as a key city for electronic music within its various events such as Emerald City, Dance for the Dead and its vast residences at Ruins, a bar already a tradition in the Deep Ellum area.

Last but not least, UBIYU, a group based in Austin Texas, will be present to strengthen the land with its DJs Robert Roman, Lizette Roman and Varela to make this camp one that will undoubtedly remain in the minds of each one of us. 

The attendees, the tickets have a cost of 200$ (dlls) that includes the camping area during the 3 days and that they can get them directly on the page of, without a doubt an experience that you have to live and that you don’t see so often anymore having the essence of the raves that could be experienced years ago and that we have to continue to maintain in force, we highly recommend it and that if you are in the area or decide to go live it, your stories will remain inside to tell for the rest of your days, we are waiting for you out there with a special coverage and that we will try to bring every detail that happens within these 3 days of magic to the outskirts of the city of Dallas. 

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